providing an outside perspective

Pastor, you do not have to travel this road alone. The CRC wants to walk with you through every step of the way on your revitalization journey. Our coaches are available for prayer, spiritual support, discipleship, leadership development, and encouragement. They help pastors grow in their spiritual leadership by providing an outside perspective that enables them to see themselves and churches clearly. These one-on-one relationships lead to church revitalization.

Most ministry “consultants” charge mega-church prices that the majority of churches who need help cannot afford. We don’t do that at Church Revitalize Center. We offer 4-month one on one coaching intensives for only $1997. Want to renew after 4 months? The price drops 10% each time for up to renewals. It’s like having a revitalization expert on your staff for less than the cost of a part time staff member.

Other Services Offered