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The Keys To Church Revitalization

Church Revitalization Resources - Return to Me

Return To Me: God's Plea and Promise to His Church

Author: Claude V. King

Abstract: Jesus said, "I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it (Matt. 16:18, KJV)."

God is grieved over the spiritual sickness of so many of His churches. Out of a broken heart, He is pleading with His needy churches: "Return to Me." As we pursue the Lord, He faithfully responds by keeping His promise: "I will return to you (Mal. 3:7)."

God's Spirit can take His Word and clearly guide His people in the 21st Century to be a healthy, powerful, and fruitful body of Christ against which the gates of hell will not prevail.

Return to Me is a biblical process through which your church can identify God's design for His people and obediently respond to what the Spirit is saying. Help your church: Love God, Love Others, Surrender All, Be Transformed, join God's Mission, and Glorify God. These are the keys to church revitalization.

As your church seeks the Lord with renewed vigor, He will bring new life in return--restoring spiritual health, vitality, fruitfulness, and victory over the enemy.

Mark Clifton Seminal Book on Church Revitalization

Keys to church revitalization - Reclaiming Glory

Reclaiming Glory: Revitalizing Dying Churches

Author: Mark Clifton

Abstract: What is there about a dying church that brings glory to God? Mark Clifton's convicting answer is "Nothing."

Because a local church is intended to represent the work of God in a community, when that church "loses it saltiness," not only is God's work pictured as irrelevant in that community, but also dishonor and disrepute may well become associated with God's name as a result.

In Reclaiming Glory, Clifton draws not only upon his own burden for revitalizing dying churches but also upon years of church replanting experience to offer passionate counsel and church revitalization resources for how to breathe new life into a dying church . . . all for the glory of the God who is building his church upon the immovable rock of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Two Journeys Ministry & Dr. Andrew Davis’ Keys To Church Revitalization

Church Revitalization Resources - Two Journeys
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Keys to church revitalization - Revitalize Book

Revitalize: Biblical Keys to Helping Your Church Come Alive Again

Author: Andrew M. Davis

Abstract: Church health is measured by more than just numbers, but declining membership is often a key symptom of a church in crisis. The pastor of a dying church doesn't need to be told it is dying; he needs to find the way forward--He needs church revitalization resources...and he needs hope.

Author and pastor Andrew Davis offers readers the lessons he's learned in his own journey of leading church transformation, including

- keeping Christ's ownership of the church central
- being humble
- choosing your battles wisely
- empowering godly men to join in leadership
- making prayer a priority
- focusing on the Word
- and more

Church decline is not inevitable. Revitalize gives pastors the keys to church revitalization, the spiritual support they long for and the practical advice they need to turn their churches around and position them for greater health in the future.

Revitalize Blog & Publications of Dr. Dan Eymann

Church Revitalization Resources - Revitalize Blog
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Keys to church revitalization - Revitalize Your Church

Revitalize Your Church: A Biblical Blueprint for Church Turnaround

Author: Dan Eymann

Abstract: Is church revitalization and turnaround biblical? Or, is it merely a secular concept? In Revitalize Your Church, you will discover that the Bible has much to say about revitalization.

Combining biblical scholarship, first-hand research, and personal experience, Pastor Dan Eymann develops a biblical blueprint for church revitalization. Utilizing the seven churches of Revelation, Pastor Dan identifies seven crucial biblical building blocks for church revitalization. He also builds a model for turnaround leadership from the example of Nehemiah, one of the greatest turnaround leaders in biblical history.

Revitalize Your Church will give you hope, the keys to church revitalization, and biblical insights on turning around a plateaued church. Your church can experience revitalization and renewal.

Norm Geisler International Ministries

Church Revitalization Resources - NGIM
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Keys to church revitalization - Conversational Evangelism

Conversational Evangelism: Connecting with People to Share Jesus

Author: David Geisler and Norman Geisler

Abstract: Witnessing used to involve laying out the truth and guiding a person to understand and accept it. But the awareness of basic Christian principles has changed and so have the needs of pre-believers. With a passion for people, authors David and Norman Geisler share an engaging, conversational approach to evangelism as they address:

- What makes old models of witnessing ineffective in today's culture
- Why evangelism must start with relational pre-evangelism
- How to ask questions, listen attentively, and understand what someone believes
- Ways to identify the real barriers to belief in order to build a bridge to truth
- How to keep dialogue going with different personality types

This refreshing, practical resource is ideal for churches and individuals. Readers will discover how God uses their everyday encounters for great things when they switch from trying to witness effectively to effectively being a witness through communication and compassion.

Lets Make Disciples – Ministry of Dr. Gregg Farah

Keys to church revitalization - Let’s Make Disciples

Lets Make Disciples

Whether you’re a new, growing, or struggling believer, you’ve probably thought or asked one or more of the following questions about the Christian life:

- Why is it so difficult to live out my faith?
- What’s the big deal about making disciples? (And what is a disciple?)
- Why don’t I read my Bible more? (And why can’t I understand it when I do?)
- How can I grow in my faith–or make disciples–if I don’t have time?

These are good questions. You have a heart that is open to God. You have a desire to take steps of faith. You want deeper, meaningful friendships you can count on. You want to know how to respond to questions about your faith.

But sometimes it feels like giving up might be the easiest—and most honest—thing to do, right? Don’t give up. You’re not alone. I’ve been there, and others have, too. There is another way, and it starts with one commitment: don’t give up.

Too easy? Too cliché? Maybe . . . except that it’s true. Following Jesus is a marathon, and we condition for it our entire life. Living as a disciplemaker might sound foreign or impossible, but it’s not as complicated or intimidating as you may think.