Local churches in every culture and generation have always had 4 key components: church leaders, a congregation, the community it’s called to reach, and a direction it’s headed. So, growing healthier means getting to know yourself, leaders, congregation, community on a deeper level so you can start moving in the right direction again. The Roadmap isn’t just another program it’s a new path for your church.

Utilizing a cohort model, we take a group of pastors through the Roadmap together so they can navigate tough topics and take assessments in their context. These cohorts are led by real-life pastors who’ve guided their churches through the revitalization process. Designed to fit a pastor’s schedule, cohorts meet virtually twice a month for up to 90 minutes for 4 months. With an all-inclusive price of $1,297, you can’t afford not to get on the road.

Our Masterclass is delivered digitally and designed to fit into your busy schedule. Each module is led by Michael “Doc” Rubino, one of the leading voices in the church revitalization movement. There may even be a few surprise guests along the way! With over 3 hours of content, practical assessments, and downloadable resources this self-paced class provides you with everything needed to move in a healthier direction. For only $397 this masterclass can help change the direction of your church.

Other Services Offered

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