The Revitalize Conference has helped lead the church revitalization movement since its inception. We’ve provided countless churches with practical content designed to take surviving to thriving. Every year some of the key missiological voices such as Ed Stetzer, Michael Rubino, Karl Vaters, Mark Clifton, and Thom Rainer present churches with theologically based practical sessions for church revitalization.

The Revitalize Conference is offered both online and through on-site micro expressions. When it’s over you won’t just have a notebook full of ideas, you will be offered step opportunities intentionally designed to turn your revitalization moment into a movement in your church.

The Revitalize Doctor podcast will deal with some of the biggest challenges facing the local church today. Each episode is like going to the doctor’s office for a church check-up. Our conversations will center around diagnosing deadly church diseases and prescribing spiritual solutions.

Our host “Doc” Rubino and special guests will share stories from churches just like yours. WARNING: This podcast will contain real and raw revitalization talk. We will talk to the most pressing issues in ministry NOT around them. This is for ministry practitioners not “professionals.”

In the cycle of every local church, there are beginnings and endings. Yet in the Church, every ending can become a new beginning. Church replanting helps existing churches start over through a spiritual reset and organizational restructure.

At the Church Revitalization Center, we have the resources, partners, leaders, and coaches ready to help you press the reset button for your church to reach your community for Jesus. Don’t stand by as the church you love dies. Find out how the CRC can help breathe life into your church today.

Modern day ministry leaders need modern day ministry learning opportunities! We believe that you shouldn’t have to go into debt to go into ministry. We believe in “pra-academic” ministry training that prepares you while serving in your local church. We believe the classroom should come to you.

With partners like Church Answers University, Cedarville University and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Revitalize University is proud to offer certificate programs, and master’s degrees with credits earned for practicum classes in our internship and residency programs.

We want to help your church wake up and grow healthy so it can live again.

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