About Church Revitalize Center

The Church Revitalize Center was founded by Dr. Michael J. Rubino. It is a labor grown out of his love for the local church in all it’s expressions. He often reminds his co-laborer’s at the Revitalize center that, “Jesus saves us, but He uses the local church to shape us!” The majority of Pastor Mike’s ministry has been leading church revitalizations across the country. These experiences led to the launch of one of the first revitalization focused conferences in history. The Revitalize Conference was the first unofficial act of the not yet formed Church Revitalize Center. God blessed and hundreds of church leaders across the Northeast showed up to pray, learn, and praise God for this new movement of Gospel Centered, Great Commission focused, and Great Commandment living local churches gaining momentum in the Northeast and across North America.

We believe that church revitalization is a resurrection not a repackage. So, we offer a new path back to becoming a healthy Biblical church not the same old “church growth” programs with different branding. We don’t chase the latest church trends we look to the Lord for transformation. We take theology and let it inform our methodology. We remember that Jesus is the hero of every healthy church. This is about reproducing followers of Jesus not just fans who form a crowd. Yes, we do believe healthy things grow and want that for your church. However, we are also aware that unhealthy things can grow like a cancer and kill churches as well. Growth is not the goal, Godly obedience is, because if we do that He will give us an outcome better than we can even hope for or imagine.

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