Explore our growing media collection designed to guide your church’s revitalization journey. Every resource serves as a tool to diagnose your church’s health, understand your community, and craft a path to a vibrant future.

The Revitalize Conference

Join us online in February 2024 for the Revitalize Conference, the premiere event in our quarterly series focused on church revitalization. Connect with top voices in the field and tap into a reservoir of wisdom, innovation, and inspiration. Whether you’re leading a church in need of renewal or seeking fresh insights for growth, this conference is designed for you. Gain strategies and stories that fuel transformation, all from the comfort of your home or office. Register now for an event that promises to equip and energize your journey toward a vibrant, thriving congregation. Your road to revitalization starts here.

The Revitalize Dr. Podcast Featuring Doc Rubino

With Doc Rubino’s expert guidance, delve into the heart of churches in need, uncovering challenges and prescribing remedies that breathe new life into congregations. Each episode of The Revitalize Doctor is an exploration, a story of transformation, filled with wisdom, compassion, and a clear-eyed understanding of what it takes to renew a church.

Join Dr. Rubino as he navigates the intricate landscape of church health, illuminating the way with practical insights, spiritual nourishment, and a compassionate touch. The Revitalize Doctor podcast is not a conversation; it’s a lifeline for churches wanting to thrive.

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