Revitalize Roadmap

The Revitalize Roadmap is a carefully crafted journey, guiding churches toward renewal and vitality. Designed to resonate with the unique needs of small to midsize churches, our roadmap steers you through a transformative process. Each system of delivery offers different levels of depth, personalized attention, and content. 

Personal Journey

Church Diagnostics

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At the heart of every local church, across cultures and generations, lie four essential waypoints: the leaders, the congregation, the community to be reached, and the God-given direction to pursue. Revitalization is a journey toward deeper understanding and connection with these core aspects, steering your church back onto the right path. Our Revitalize Roadmap is not merely another program; it’s a tailor-made path designed to breathe new life into your church.

Embracing a cohort model, we gather groups of pastors and guide them through the Roadmap, journeying together. With the support of experienced pastors who’ve navigated their churches through revitalization, these cohorts become a tight-knit community. Together, they explore challenging topics and take assessments that resonate with their unique contexts. Mindful of a pastor’s demanding schedule, these virtual gatherings are held twice a month for up to 90 minutes over a 4-month span.

Priced inclusively at $1,297, embarking on this revitalizing journey is not just an opportunity; it’s a calling you cannot afford to miss. The road to revitalization awaits, guided by shared wisdom, collaborative growth, and a steadfast commitment to seeing your church thrive. Welcome to a new pathway, one that brings your church closer to its mission, community, and divine purpose. Join us, and let’s navigate the road to renewal together.


Embarking on a revitalization journey is both a challenging and rewarding path, and the Church Revitalize Center is committed to guiding you every mile of the way. Our coaches, akin to experienced co-drivers, are your spiritual support team, offering prayer, discipleship, leadership development, and a revitalizing boost of encouragement. They serve as navigators, providing an outside perspective that helps pastors clearly see both themselves and their congregations. Through these personalized relationships, they fuel church revitalization and lead you down the road to spiritual growth.

We invite you to our one-on-one coaching intensives, a 4-month tailored experience for only $1997. Imagine having a Revitalize Doctor on your team, steering you toward success for less than the cost of a part-time staff member. Choose to renew after 4 months? The price drops by 10% with each renewal for up to three renewals. Your revitalization journey need not be taken alone; let our coaches join you, bringing wisdom, insight, and passion to your church’s unique path toward renewal. Welcome to a partnership that thrives on faith, leadership, and the pursuit of vibrant church life.


Our digitally delivered Masterclass is tailored to fit the busiest of pastoral schedules. Delivered by Dr. Michael Rubino, the masterclass provides over several hours of rich content, hands-on assessments, and downloadable resources. This self-paced class equips you with the tools needed to steer your church toward a healthier, more vibrant direction. Priced accessibly at $397, our Masterclass isn’t an investment; it’s the roadmap to transformation.

Nathan Creitz

Michael Rubino has become a trusted guide and a respected co-laborer in the ministry. He has generously shared his wisdom and advice with me as I have faced various challenges in pastoral leadership. He has helped me discover and cultivate leadership strengths and assess our congregation’s health. He has helped me think through how best to reach our community with the gospel. I know I can count on Michael not to pull his punches. He is always ready with God’s Word to reprove, rebuke, exhort, and teach, but he does so with gentleness and respect.

I am looking forward to watching how God uses Michael not only as a pastor in his local church but also as a pastor for pastors through the Church Revitalize Center.

Nathan Creitz
Senior Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church, Bay Shore, NY

George T. Russ

“It seems that everyone today is talking about church revitalization and for good reason. Most churches are either plateaued or declining! Through coaching, conferences and ministry cohorts, the Church Revitalization helps churches to address this need that is widespread and urgent! What sets the Church Revitalization Center apart is its sound approach to and proven experience in helping churches come back to life. Dr. Michael Rubino is a proven and respected leader in church revitalization and will help your church to take the next step towards health and growth. I wholeheartedly recommend you connect with the Church Revitalization Center right now!”

George T. Russ
Executive Director
Metropolitan New York Baptist Association

Karl Vaters

I’ve known and appreciated Mike Rubino’s ministry for several years, and I plan to work closely with him for many years to come. He loves the church, serves pastors, and knows the challenges and joys of ministry. If you or your church need revitalization, check out what the Church Revitalize Center has to offer.

Karl Vaters

Helping Small Churches Thrive at

Gary J. Moritz

Dr. Michael Rubino is a pioneering catalyst and practitioner. He has proven himself a seasoned leader in revitalization within his church and other leaders on Long Island and the New York City areas. Learning from him will benefit your church on how to lead for the future and navigate the waters of cultural pushback and the ebb and flows of the seasons of finding vitality. In addition, he can help coach and guide you back on the right track to reaching your community.

Dr. Gary J. Moritz,
Lead Pastor City United Church, Lunenburg, MA
Revitalization and Renewal SME and Associate Professor at Liberty University
Director of Revitalization and Renewal at Baptist Churches of New England
President of The Church Vitality

Chris and Crystal Leathers

The Church Revitalize Center has helped us focus on the absolute and necessary first steps for church planting.  The coaching and mentorship we have experienced through Church Revitalize Center has been impactful.  The resources and training have challenged and equipped us for the rigor and sanctity of ministry. Thank you, Church Revitalize Center, for believing in us.  We are honored to have your partnership, experience your leadership, and we are excited about the way in which God will use us to change lives and expand the Kingdom here on Long Island and beyond.   

In His Service, 

Pastors Chris and Crystal Leathers
Life Now Ministries LI

Dale Sellers

“I’ve observed the ministry impact of Michael Rubino’s Church Revitalize Center from a distance for several years. However, I recently became acquainted with Michael on a personal level as we have served together in conferences designed to encourage ministry leaders no matter the size of your ministry. Michael’s impact is both convicting & comforting, introspective & inspiring, strategic & supportive, as well as reflective & relevant. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience easily transferable to any leader willing to learn.

Dale Sellers

Executive Director of 95Network & Author of STALLED: Hope & Help For Pastors Who Thought They’d Be There By Now